August 1st, 2005

Worship Chaos

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Game Thursday night went long...and ever since then, we've been running around like mad, what with the new place, and Ray's birthday, and whatnot. Needless to say, my apartment looks like a tornado hit it.

Tomorrow's plan: get up, get going, get this place cleaned up. Box up books for shipping. Clear out my work list. Must do, must do, must do.

Side notes: Erik saw his new room today for the first time, loves the size, and just about shit himself at the concept of having his own balcony. Knew it. ;) Scored myself some new sweet cars for the collection. Hey, we all have our little vices. Slowly but surely, things come together.

Old Journals

I had some extras, made for whatever reasons (voting, mostly). One of the "extra journals" gets posted to, occasionally, as a completely private journal for me (so, no, I'm not posting the name, I don't even have it friended). The rest, though, I deleted this morning. Just no need for them. Dawned on me though, someone might want one of them. So, if you like the name, I'll give ya the password, you can reactivate it, and change everything to make it your own. They've all been spoken for.

angels_codex - taken
socialcockroach - taken
osirislovechild - taken

They're struck out because technically, they are deleted, but you have at least 30 days to reactivate.
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