August 4th, 2005


Cancer-Killin' Nanotech

Nanotechnology has been harnessed to kill cancer cells without harming healthy tissue.

The short version, for those of you too lazy to read (and you really should), is this: microscopic synthetic rods called carbon nanotubules are inserted into cancer cells, and exposed to near-infra red light from a laser. This makes them heat up, killing the cell, while cells without rods are left unscathed. The real trick is getting these nanotubes to the cancer cells and not healthy ones, and researchers did this by taking advantage of the fact that, unlike normal cells, the surface of cancer cells is covered with receptors for a vitamin known as folate. They coated the nanotubules with folate molecules, making it easy for them to pass into cancer cells, but unable to bind with their healthy cousins.


This could be the first real breakthrough in fighting cancer that we've seen in forever. If it gets the results it looks like it could get, well, I don't want to say "this could be the end of cancer", but it could damn sure take the sting out of it.

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-- Long day at the farm. Another long day tomorrow. both of them out in the hot bright sun. Oh, and I'll be out there Saturday, all day, grilling. Oh, and I'll be out at the zoo, Sunday morning. Yeesh.

-- Made some damn fine sausage cheese balls for dinner. Good thing they turned out good, too, because I thought I was fucking up and completely lost my cool, I mean, completely. Yelled/growled angrily, snapped at Dianna, gave up at one point only to go back to it. It wasn't cool, and I'm not happy that I did it.

-- divinemissb was feeling pretty frazzled, so no game tonight (hope you're doing better, Betse!). Played "Cthulhu 500" instead, and much hilarity was enjoyed by all.

-- August is Anal Sex Month. Now, there's a holiday I can get behind.

-- Bedways is rightways for me. Be good, kids.