August 18th, 2005


Zombie Biology

Chatting with some others that helped make Flesh Of My Flesh, someone brought up an interesting (if slightly juvenile) point:
Karyn and I were having a discussion in the lab today over some of the great unresolved questions of our time and the one that really had us scratching our heads was, "Do zombies poo?"

If they eat flesh, and continue eating it for any length of time then all that stuff has to go somewhere, right? They don't regenerate so if they really existed would you just have to wait until they were all too full to move? Maybe that's why they're so slow?
Now, zombies being a favourite subject of mine, I had to give this some thought. Here's my response:Collapse )


Yes, this is the kind of thing I do at 7:30 in the morning.
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Adultery Cards?!?

The divorce rate is America is above 50%. That's fucking SAD, kids. Too many people jumping into marriage (and usually too early) before they've seen life and lived a little, and they end up splitting. Seems to me, the best idea would be to encourage a little more thought going into this kind of bond...but in a world where we merely laugh at stars like Britney Spears marrying one guy for 55 hours and then marrying another who is not only with someone but who has a kid with them and another about to drop, it's no surprise that marriage is looked upon with such little reverence.

Still, I can't be alone in thinking that these cards are just a bad call. The "Secret Lover Collection" supposedly fills a niche: those people that are in an affair, and want to express their feelings.

Excuse me, but isn't a "secret lover" not secret anymore when you start doing something like this? Regardless, is it a good idea to promote adultery this way? The creator says she's not condoning anything, that people can make their own choices, she's just identifying a market and making a profit. Well, bully for you, does this mean it'd be OK to sell paedophilic birthday cards? "Happy 8th birthday! Your present in in my pants..." hey, no judgement, just identifying another niche...sheesh.

On top of that...christ, read some of those cards. I've rarely seen anything so desperate sounding.
  • All my life I have had this emptiness inside, like a part of me was missing and I was incomplete...
    And now I can't imagine my life without you...Even if I have to share you.
  • Not being able to be with you all of the time is difficult. And even though I want you all to myself, I understand that you are not mine completely and I have to share you.
Now, call me crazy, but this seems like a good time to re-evaluate what you're doing.
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Music News You Missed

Well, here's the only time you'll hear me say something good about Eminem. Apparently, he's retiring. He just cancelled a bunch of UK tour dates and dropped out, claiming exhaustion, though the above article also says he's going to "concentrate on being a dad to daughter Hailie, eight." If that's true, then kudos to him. Personally, I'm just glad to know I won't have to hear anymore of his whiny "music".

On a sombre note, Leonard Cohen is devastated in a recent situation involving allegations of extortion, SWAT teams, forcible confinement, tax troubles and betrayal. The short version (the article is long but worth the read when you have time) is that the iconic Canadian artist is damn near broke and becoming involved in lawsuits with his long-time trusted financial associates, to the tune of millions...most of which have disappeared from his accounts that would have been the money he'd have retired on. Sad to see this man whose music is unmistakeable and touched millions across the world, at 70, is suddenly having to be this stressed out and worried about his old age.