August 22nd, 2005

Glow Skull

Water, Water Everywhere

Ended up hitting our new pool yesterday. Man, that was necessary.

Speaking of water, I suppose I should get off my ass and start trying to figure out why/where my washing machine is leaking. Anyone out there know anything about washers, wanna come by and try and help me cause some damage? This is really annoying me.
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Water, II

Hmm. Well, I know more about how a washer works, now. Not that it was that hard or difficult, just one of those things I hadn't needed to know before today. So that's good. On the flipside, I can't figure out where the fuck the water was coming from. Dumped a shitload out when I moved it, though, and it seems to have stopped for the moment, so, we'll just have to wait and watch. Running a small load of laundry right now to test it. I did discover the apparent source of the smaller leak and fixed that, though, so I don't feel the effort was completely wasted.

Kill time, check it later, I guess. Erik brought his PS2 over yesterday and is leaving it here this week, so I have that to fool around with, which is kinda cool, because all these years, I've saved a few of my old PS1 games, like Soul Edge and Worms (both of which I introduced Erik to last night). Not as if I don't have things to do, of course.
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