August 25th, 2005


O Brother, Where Art Thou?

Just got off the phone with dravengodvamp. As you may have seen earlier, the townhouse right behind mine came available right after ours did, and so, knowing he was moving back up here, I got him in touch with the owners, trying to get he and purpleflake in it. Well, after authorizing them to do the credit/background check, he talked to the apartment people this morning, and after looking over his background thing, they said they were sorry, but they'd have to give him the apartment.


So, yeah, they're gonna prorate the rent, so it'll be $200 less to move in than originally thought. Get this, though; in running his credit, it turns out that he has a $1700 debt with Seattle Power and Light; since he hasn't been living there, I can only speculate about how that happened (I.e. I'm not mentioning any names, but I know what's up). Looks like they'll have to put the lights in purpleflake's name.

Another nice touch: the guy that owns this place runs an underground construction company, running pipes, etc. Well, dravengodvamp is a nationally certified pipe-fitter, so he may be able to hook up with him for some work. How serendipitous, eh?

So, yeah...they're coming home, and they'll be next door.
Heart In This Shell

Thoughts On A Zombie's Wisdom

Recently, I acquired copies of the 1973-1975 run of Marvel Comic's "Tales of the Zombie". Very "Tales from the Crypt" style heebie-jeebie stories, but pretty good, all things considered. Chock full of voodoo goodness.

Nearing the end, though, I ran across a bit that made me stop and think. I wanted to get it down to remember it, just because of the things it made me consider. Collapse )

I look around me, at people, at the world, at life in general...and it occurs to me that this is exactly what we're all looking for, "a Walt Disney concept in a Sam Peckinpah world". Well, most of us, anyway. But if we give up trying to find that concept, I fear we'll end up in an even worse world.

Here's to Fantasyland.
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