September 2nd, 2005


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Long day of ranch work and whatnot. Not a hard day, though. Some garden clean-up, the final fix on the playground, and some work on the wine. Mmmm, blackberry wine.

Did the final walk-though of the old apartment with the landlord. Went swimmingly. Our original deposit on the place was $300, $100 security (non-refundable) and $200 cleaning (refundable). Well, we cleaned the ever-lovin' hoohah out of the place. Not only did he give up our entire deposit back, he gave us the full $300...dunno if he meant to, but I mentioned the way it was supposed to go two or three times before he wrote the check, so it's his own problem. Extra cash rocks.

All followed by yummy burritos and the 4-hour uncut Dune.

Errands to run tomorrow, and some final decorations to get up on the walls. I live SUCH an exciting life, nu?

I have a fuckin' shitload of pix to do a "Friday Pictures" post, but since I work on Fridays, I haven't been putting them up. Should I start doing another day? I was thinking Monday or Wednesday.

Hey, real about the idiot who handles Fuddrucker's website. Funny stuff.
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