September 3rd, 2005


Geek Cred

In doing my errands for the day, I stopped in the little comic shop that's right by my house. Now, the other two times I've been there, it's the owner at the desk, who said he's in on Saturdays. A different guy was in today (apparently, the owner was at a local anime convention). Funny enough, though, as I was looking at the glass case at the end of the counter, he wandered up, curious. I mentioned that there had been, a couple weeks ago, a pack of Purgatori comics (nearly every appearance she's made to date!) that I had been drooling over, but that it seems to have sold out from under me. He brightened up and said "Oh, YOU'RE the one!"


Seems the owner told him about us, said that he'd probably get along with me, as we had some similar tastes, etc. We ended up chatting for a good 10 minutes or so.

Praise Gygax and Pulido, three weeks in my new place, and I already have a rep at my local comic shop. *snicker*

As a side note, as we were driving home, swanwhite broke down and admitted that she had bought that pack of comics for me. She was trying to save them for my birthday, but apparently I looked so heartbroken when I saw they were gone that she couldn't stand waiting four months to drop the bomb on me.
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Chief Justice Rehnquist Dies

Well, it's not as if this was a surprise. Will be interesting to see how the next move is played. I see people are already worried that Bush will try to put an uber-conservative on the bench, tipping the scales, to coin a phrase. With his approval ratings of late, and the rather poor showing in the midst of the present crisis, he could make a few points by not being quite so zealous in this matter...but who knows.

Man, if it's not one thing, it's a lot of things.

Well, rest easy, William. You've definitely served your time for the country.