September 6th, 2005


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Normally, we go up to the ranch on Sundays. However, this week, we figured we'd combine two events and go up Monday...I could do my normal day's work, and we'd see the family. Well, that didn't go as planned.

I woke up at 7, and immediately my right eye was hurting, like there was something in it. Couldn't find anything, couldn't get it out, so you can imagine how annoying and irritating that was, all day. Then, zombiedip and Erik didn't wake up until 11 o'clock,and even then it was because I went and woke them up. Guess everyone else was tired, huh?

Finally got out there, and Ray decided he didn't feel like really doing anything. We did eventually do a little work, but that involved me trekking up and down the hill a couple times, which damn near wore me out (long hill, man, sheesh...carrying stuff). So, not a complete loss. Regardless, though, for some reason I started feeling really rotten, and that didn't go away for the rest of the day.

Rest of the night passed almost uneventfully, except for one major annoyance. I've been having some problems with Flash interacting with Firefox's AdBlock extension, and it finally dawned on me what the problem was. I recently upgraded Flash from V7 to the V8 beta, and it seems that AdBlock doesn't like it. Unfortunately, I couldn't get Flash Player to uninstall. It would claim it was doing so, but it wouldn't go away, and if I tried to reinstall V7, it wouldn't do it. I ended up having to uninstall Firefox, delete all the extra settings, etc., and reinstall from the ground up (including getting Flash Player V7). only real down part was getting all the settings back to where I had them, and the fact that my AdBlock list is gone. Oh well.

Damn, my eye is still bugging me. Luckily, I have Dungeon Siege II to occupy me. Ooh, pretty...
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So, my lil' community was doing a bit of a side challenge, being to take a movie (or make one up) and design the DVD menu for it.

Since I've been watching "Trigun" again, lately, I chose that. I like what I came up with. Wanna see?
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