September 8th, 2005

Gaming Is A Way Of Life

Gamer Growth

My son becomes a man, gets +2 STR, +1 DEX

This will be me and Erik in a few more years, if I'm lucky. If you've ever been a gamer in the True sense of the word, you will appreciate this article. I admit, there are a few passages and phrases that I found hilariously funny, though a bad turn of phrase for an article read by the general public, but, all in all, an amusing read.

*Thanx to baralier for the link*

House-Warming: A Note

If you are coming tomorrow night, be warned, they are doing some utility work on the street outside my place. Chances are that the workmen are gonna be gone for the night by the time of the shindig, but there may still be signs up claiming "Road Closed, Local Traffic Only"

Well, we're local traffic, so go around them and come on in. See ya tomorrow night!