September 22nd, 2005

Glow Skull

Up, Down, And Sideways

For whatever reason, I've just been tired today. Not falling-asleep-tired, but that deep-down-bone-tired mixed with a tiny little mood swing that makes you just kinda sit there are start to shed a tear at the prospect of doing something, mostly because you don't know why you can't get the energy to do it.

Well, that sucked.

Combine that with knowing I had a game to run tonight and have had no time to plan for it (partly my own fault, I admit), and I felt the ol' mind start to crack, just a little. As the late afternoon went on, it got worse, and that crack started to widen into a tear, until I finally snapped, just a little. Cancelled the game (got swanwhite to call everyone and let them know...sorry guys!), finished making dinner, left the laundry to sit for a while, and settled into my big chair to watch Sin City (finally...and yes, I loved it even more than I hoped I would...fuckin' incredible).

Two hours later, I felt refreshed. Amazing what a little me-time will do for ya.

Ending the day on a high note, dravengodvamp has been running himself ragged trying to get into a tattoo shop. Sadly, with the year going into the slow season and shops not looking for new artists, he's had a hell of a time, but it looks like he's finally in a shop! Not only does this mean he'll be working, and that'll make his life easier, it means I've got new ink coming, and that just kicks ass. We've been talking about design ideas, and it looks like I'll be starting with my Lady Death. Whee, a visit from the Ink Fairy!
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