September 28th, 2005

Smackdown (Anger)

Don't Get In Front Of Me

Well, that didn't take long. 30 minutes awake, and I already have enough to declare today a Human Hating Day. *angry sigh* Just gonna be one of those where I plan the destruction of Mankind.

I need help, I think. Anyway, it'll be a bad day for anyone to fuck with me in any way. Good thing I hardly ever get out of the house, huh? Today might be a great day to walk down to the lake and just zone out.

EDIT, 9:34am: hmm, keeps getting worse. I should probably back slowly away from all contact with the outside world. Or get medicated. Or both.
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Archmage Chaos

Photos? Sure.

OK, gonna steal an idea from revhhkitty, cause she's cool like that.

Here's the deal. You comment here with something you want me to take a picture of, and I'll post the pics tomorrow. It has to be something I can conceivably get a shot of (so, in my house or environs), obviously...but it can be pretty much anything. Go ahead, get creative. This is your chance to find out stuff, or just be interesting.

Have at it. Thrill me. Who knows what you'll get?

EDIT: See the Results.
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