October 18th, 2005

Burn The World

Just A Thought

As I stated to someone not long ago, I'm not going to censor myself, nor am I going to put my rants about the world and this country behind a filter, because that defeats the purpose. However, sometimes, I'm not trying to make a point, I'm just making fun of Dubya...and, frankly, at those moments, I'm not looking for a debate about the subject, or a differing opinion, or a rambling Republican lecture on how my humour is causing the country to lose the war, or snarky comments from the other side, or whatever. So, here ya go: I'll make a filter just for "ridicule Bush's asylum circus administration" (and whoever comes after him, I'm sure will be on the list) posts. Call it "mindless political humour" if you like. This is for you to be able to not have to see it and get all riled up at me for finding something funny that you don't, and for me to not have to listen to your whiny-assed, crybaby opinion of it. Win-win situation, really.

So, comment if you want to be on it. I have several things lined up already.

(no subject)

Spent all day at the farm, building wine racks. not terribly hard, but tedious,and required my being on my feet all fucking day. needless to say, I don't feel like being upright. swanwhite went to bed early, so it's just me and Casablanca, it seems.

Sleep well, kids.