October 20th, 2005


About Damn Time

The U.S. House of Representatives passed a bill Wednesday that would block lawsuits by people who blame fast-food chains for their obesity. Dubbed the "cheeseburger bill", it basically stops people from frivolous lawsuits that are a matter of personal responsibility. In other words, no, you cannot sue fast-food for making you fat, YOU made you fat by eating vast amounts of unhealthy food. Apparently a similar bill passed the House a year ago, but the Senate never acted on it, so here's hoping.

A-fucking-men. Obesity is higher than ever, one in three kids being considered overweight. Here's a thought; it's not the MickeyD's that made your kid fat, it's you not being a good parent. you know damn well that a steady diet of fast food is going to cause it, so if that's what you let your child eat, then you are the cause. Be a damn parent.
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Medical Follow-Up

So, Di and I talked some more last night, and decided this was all a bad call. I'm annoyed that my pains were basically blown off with an "oh well', and I'm not comfortable taking meds for a problem that I don't feel I even have most of the time, and from someone who has exactly zero knowledge of my mental history and just tossed Depakote at me to try out. He had me working up to 750mg a day, valproic acid...anyone have an opinion on this? I'm not that familiar with the drug.

Besides, I categorically refuse to regularly take anything that is going to make me fuzzy-headed for something that only comes up occasionally. As dravengodvamp put it, "Frank likes his mania, and I understand that, it's when you're the most creative." I don't need something to treat bipolar disorder, I just want something that might take the edge off the anger/annoyance when it rears it's ugly head. Christ, he could have given me Valium, I'd have been happy.

Anyway, Dianna called to cancel my follow-up appointment and let them know that I wasn't going to take this stuff, but that we wanted a new appointment to discuss getting something better done with my various problems, seeing as how I was seriously NOT satisfied with how yesterday went. Sadly, we soonest we could get in to see him is one day closer than my old appointment, but whatever. I may try to get a referral out of him to see an actual mental health professional, and see where that goes.
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Everything about this picture screams "absolutely cool". The more I look, the more details I see, and the more I'm impressed. Fuck, man, I want this as a poster, it fucking rocks.

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