October 28th, 2005


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Apparently, I declared today a "see how many minor injuries I can survive" day and forgot to tell myself. Over the course of the day, I've nailed both shins, both hands, head, right shoulder, and stabbed myself in the hip and arm. Yeah, fun city. However, all the wine has been installed into it's new temporary holding racks, the shop has been cleaned and organized top to bottom (including installing some new work lights), the winery has been rebuilt and cleaned, and loads of crap have been removed for a run to the dump. Nothing like a full work day.

Oh, and at a little out of the way diner in the middle of rural Washington, I've been dubbed "Tiny". Go figure.
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Cry Blood (Hurt)

R.I.P. William Hootkins

Bill Hootkins passed away this weekend after a battle with pancreatic cancer. Dammit, I always liked him, he was a cool guy. Never a starring-role actor, but then, I tend to respect the background guys more - they actually have to WORK for a living. Most people are talking about remembering him as Jek Porkins (Red Six) from Star Wars, but me, I'll be watching Hardware and Death Machine as a tribute.

Rest easy, big guy. You will be missed.
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Artist At Work

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igiggedwitdanny asked for an icon of this...

...so, in my own way, I had to go all the way:

...so, use it if you want it, as well.
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