November 1st, 2005


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A whopping one trick-or-treater. Geez, I'd thought that, with this being a sorta small contained community with several kids, that we'd get something. Apparently, they all went to trick-or-treat at the mall. Now, is it just me, or is that just sick? Hurts that this is now a popular option. Have we gone so far towards scaring ourselves to death that we actually support sending kids to the centre of consumerism for the one last holiday that hasn't been COMPLETELY co-opted by the religious nutjobs, etc.?

Hell, I take it back. The holiday HAS been taken over. *sigh*

On top of that, I forgot it was Tuesday (Di having the day off yesterday threw off my schedule), so I didn't get up to go to the farm. Oops. Tomorrow, I guess.

But I have bad-ass ink. So there, all is right enough.
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Ghosts of Schoolmates

I just found out that a guy from my high school class is a country singer (the one not in the cowboy hat). Creepy. Can't say it was anyone I cared much for. Not that I disliked the guy, per se, but it was never anyone that I wanted to spend any time with (considering my entire graduating class was only 48 people, you'd think we'd be a little closer...well, you'd be wrong). Well, more power to him.

Just goes to show, even more, how little I have in common with most of those people.
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Pictures - Friends and New Ink

So, Halloween ended up just being myself and zombiedip hanging out at purpleflake and dravengodvamp's house, with crazycrete, their friend. As such, it was good times, but not a lot of pix were taken. Well, that's a lie; while I was being inked, Di took copious amounts of pictures of Kat and Kriti, but you'll need to go to her journal to see them, if they get posted. Me, I'm only posting the relevant ones.

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