November 6th, 2005


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Confirmed something about myself last night. When it comes to blunt trauma, surface damage, or muscle strain/pain, I can take it all day, and I'm nearly unstoppable. Internal pain, or anything that cuts/pierces me any deeper, and I'm no damn good.

Kat took out her eyebrow piercing in favour of a larger one, and gave me the old one, since it has a tiny Misfits Fiend skull on the tip. Now, I personally don't much care for facial piercings, so I wasn't getting my eyebrow done, thankyewverramuch, but I wanted to do SOMETHING with it. Unfortunately, the shape doesn't lend itself to many other decent placements. Eventually, Doug and I decided it could go right on the outside of the ear, like this:

The dot shows where the top will show, the line shows how it will be pierced to make it stay (kind of a long, vertical pierce). Now, again, I only was getting this done to have something to do with the jewelry, NOT because I really wanted something pierced. Dianna is the pierce junkie, I'm all about the ink. I nearly stopped him from doing it, in fact, I was opening my mouth to tell him not to bother when he pushed the needle through.

This was about the time I made my little discovery. Jumpin' Jesus Stop-Dancin' Christ, that motherfucking hurt. Interesting side note: this little problem I have with my hand cramping up? I had such a fist going, I had to whack my hand against a door jamb to get it to open back up.

Needless to say, my natural humour took a leave of absence for the rest of the night, as I was starting to get nauseous and only really wanted to claw my ear off. Quite obviously, I slept for complete shit last night, and yes, I'm still in pain. Hell, I'd have him take the damn thing out and just let the hole heal over if I wasn't such a stubborn bastard who refuses to let anything beat him.

Fuck this, I'll stick to the ink from here on out. The healing time is shorter, the care is easier, and you have much more art to enjoy when it's over.
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