November 7th, 2005

Rock - Axel

Think Ink

Well, she's done. Another, say, 4+ hours of work put in, and she's seriously bad-ass looking. I'll see about pix when it's had a chance to heal...but damn, is she pretty.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: dravengodvamp is a wizard with ink.

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So, links within links within I-should-be-in-bed within links brought me to a video by some rapper called J-Shin entitled 'Baby Mama Drama". The track basically says "damn, my baby's mama won't leave me alone, always telling me what I need to be doing for our child, and I'm sick of it...I give the kid money every week, I even see him, why shouldn't I be allowed to go on living my rap-star life and seeing whatever bitch I want?"

Yeah, 'cause that's really all you need to do for a child you helped bring into the world, asshole. I'm saddened that someone would think this was a good idea for a track, and a good idea to promote, and I'm saddened that any culture would spring up where this was not only accepted, but was widespread enough to be the subject of a musical track that an entire audience could identify with.

Sign of the times, I guess. I need to make myself an icon of a shirt I recently saw and want to own: "This zeitgeist sucks."

For all my sadness, though, I gotta give one point: it's an incredibly bootylicious video. Quite NSFW, obviously.

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I'm sure you're already tired of hearing this...but CHRIST does my ear hurt. At least, this way, I'll always have a close and ready reminder of "no, you don't wanna do that".
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Smackdown (Anger)

Stuff That Bothers me

You see and hear the reports of the Israelis and the Palestinians spending their time blowing each other up over a chunk of desert...and you wonder, how could you convince them to do this stupid suicide shit? Well, you know how the saying goes, get 'em while they're young.

Yes, a cartoon promoting suicide bombing of the Israelis. Disturbing and pathetic, all in one. Time for a big arena to be built, and just put all of them in it, and let them fight it out, once and for all...and flog the winners.
Eye Heart The Residents

While I'm On The Subject...

...another thing that really gets to me (but not quite as world-shattering as the last post): people that are just a little too into their fantasy lives. A couple examples recently, to illustrate my point:

1. I'm Sephiroth's One True Love: OK, so you play a video game, and one of the characters in it turns you on. OK, I can grok that. Lord knows, I could do some seriously nasty things to some of the chicks on Dead or Alive. I can even understand a certain amount of fanfic, where you want to imagine yourself in love with said pixelated heartthrob. Hey, an active imagination is a good thing...until it goes too far. Take, for example, this person (who may or may not be the same person as this person, the jury is still out), who blogs about how they are the one true, eternal love of Sephiroth (yes, the character from the Final Fantasy series of stuff), and who will openly talk about how they get into fights with other fan girls about who is the one REAL love of him. Now, a step further (after all, we're this deep in the bullshit, anyway), and check out this one, who apparently travels the Astral Plane, where she talks to him, loves him, fucks him, cuddles with him, and just generally gets moist. The phrase "you need serious psychiatric help" comes to mind. I'd love to round up all of these people (I'm sure there are a few more out there), lock them in an arena, and sell the pay-per-view rights to a UFC-style Battle Royale (the wrestling event, not the Asian flick...well, OK, that too).

2. It Used To Be Cool: Speaking of UFC, after Doug finished up my ink last night, we sat around with Kat, watching some of the UFC on cable. Now, I haven't watched or kept up with it for several years, but I remember those first five years or so; a variety of fighting styles, battling it out to bloody and unconscious conclusions, for the right to be called the Ultimate Fighter. It was visceral and cool, and worth watching. I had no idea how bad it had gotten. Broken into weight classes, OK, I can accept that, but damn, every guy in there is sticking to Muay Thai kickboxing with a little Jujitsu thrown in, making almost every fight the same (I.e. lunge-kick-grapple-twistaroundonthefloor-fuckin'boring). on top of that, it's a damn TV series now, and even more boring. *sigh* Sad when even the last bastion of good, hardcore, close-as-ya-gonna-get-to-gladiatorial-combat entertainment is becoming commercialized.

3. But, I'm Cool Because I'm Not Really Human: OK, you wanna cosplay, be a furry, whatever. Fine, more power to ya, whatever gets you through the night. Really, it don't bother me none. What bugs me is when you get these people who want to claim to be part-whatever, be that part animal, part mythical creature, or part alien. I swear, every time I hear the term "otherkin", I just wanna slap the fuck out of the person claiming it. "Oh, you're the silver elf queen of ice? *SMACK* Put some ice on that, whydoncha?" Look, I hate the humans as much as anyone, and I don't like to be associated with them, but biology is one of those things you don't get to choose. you wanna role-play, good for you, but learn how to leave the character at the game. You wanna see some real class examples of this delusion? Head over here and laugh. These people are a laugh riot...and, as a side note, the user info makes me laugh just as hard, as they proclaim how they are "not here about some fucked up dilutions"; apparently, having extraterrestrial and supernatural blood makes one unable to spell.

Yeah, hating on the humans...just one of my many services.
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Bow Before Cthulhu


Look out, the midst of Chaos's misanthropy, it's celticcross13 with the steal! One well-placed UPS package delivery later, and Chaos is breaking a surprising smile as he looks over the Lovecraftian poster-and-card goodness inside.

Oh yes, Celti shoots and SCORES!

This stuff kicks ASS.
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Artist At Work

Icon, General Use

Sometimes, I cross the lines of good taste. When this happens, I usually just laugh in an evil manner and plow ahead. This time, I really think I may have gone too far. No, seriously. On the other hand, I did still go ahead, make it, and post it, so I must not be TOO embarrassed, huh?

This comes from this particular episode of FLEM, a webcomic which I find damn funny (and, if you happen to agree, go tell flemco and takhisis you think so).

No, I don't expect anyone to use it, but I simply had to do it.
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