November 13th, 2005


Blade Geek

You know, it dawned on me that I never showed off my latest blade acquisition. caliban gave it to me as an early birthday gift, said he saw it and immediately thought of me...and I can't say I disagree. Called the 'Twister', it's a 6-bladed monstrosity. Each one of those blades is a lock-blade, so it folds down for carrying, and a clockwise twist separates it into two 3-bladed pieces. Pretty damn nifty, I gotta say.

Anyway, I' was looking around for the best price I could fine on a set of Riddick's Saber Claws, which I'm hoping to snag for Xmas, when I came across a couple things that just made me whimper and drool with desire.

The first is an announcement that Atlanta Cutlery is working with Hasbro to make a pair of swords they call "The Swords of Valour and Venom". A nicely done pair of weapons, they are the Sword of Snake Eyes and the Sword of Stormshadow, those bitter rivals of the G.I. Joe stories. From the drawings up right now, I might have to find a way to get the Stormshadow sword.

The other thing I found was over at Museum Replicas, where they've got a licensing agreement to do The Slayer of Kings, the sword of Archaon, the most powerful Chaos Lord ever to walk the realms of the Warhammer world. This is a thing of sheer beauty by itself, but for an old school games Workshop geek like myself, it's doubly cool. Now, if someone would just make Abaddon the Despoiler's Talon of Horus, I'd be a happy guy.