November 17th, 2005

Burn The World

Time For Another Addition Of "You Have Too Much Free Fucking Time"

Goodnight, Moon. Possibly one of the simplest, earliest-introduced, and most-remembered childhood books. Mothers have read it to their children (and used it to help teach their children basic reading skills) for damn near sixty years. And it's finally fallen to the censors.

Yep, you heard me. Someone found something there to whine about. Seems the picture of the illustrator, Clement Hurd, shows him standing there with a cigarette in his fingers. Well, the freakshow says, we can't have THAT! It sends the wrong message to children! THINK OF THE CHILDREN!!!

So, HarperCollins digitally altered the picture to remove the offending cigarette. They claim it was done with the full cooperation of the family and estate, but his son says he balked at the idea of altering it and only gave in under pressure.

Because, yeah, so many kids started smoking because they saw the pic on the back of the book. Sure. Christ, what a bunch of festering vomit-pustules.
Burn The World


You know what else I hate? Unreliability. If I say "I'll be there at such-and-such time", then I'm there, and if I can't make it, I'll make a point of making sure you know, AHEAD of time. Call you, mail you, IM you, whatever, you'll not be sitting around wondering where I am. Is this such a hard thing to do? is it so much to ask from others? A little common courtesy?

Ah, but then, I forget, we live in a society that long ago abolished personal responsibility. We don't teach common courtesy anymore, we only teach "get yours, get even, screw 'em". It's no longer common practice to be appreciative and polite, to work for what you want and to accept work and duty.

I hate it here.

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Some days, I wish I was photogenic. Other days, I'm very glad I'm not.

I'm quite the quasi-cryptic today, no? Oh well.

EDIT: and before any of you start commenting "oh, but you are!", that's not what I'm talking about. And I'm not needing sympathy or whatnot. Simply an observation.
Burn The World

Stupid Fucking Human Of The Day

In 'Wrongful Life' Suit, Disabled Woman Blames Doctor For Letting Her Be Born

You gotta be fucking kidding me.

So, chick says her doctor failed to inform her mother about a case of rubella and the potentially harmful effect it could have had on the child, and, had the mother known, she'd have aborted the child. Mom didn't, and chick is blind and deaf...and suing the doctor, claiming he liable for the costs arising from a lifetime of medical treatment that Harriton needs to survive.

If there was ever a person more deserving of a VERY LATE term abortion, it's this chick. Someone just kill her and put her out of her and our misery. I mean, come on, this is such a greed manoeuvre, it's not funny. Besides, think of the effect should this get decided in her favour. Can of worms, anyone? Medical costs are already sky-high due to malpractice costs, etc.; if the American Public gets wind of this as a precedent, doctors will barely be able to do their job, for fear of fallout.

Christ, you hate your life so bad, just kill yourself, get it over with...but leave the rest of the world out of it. Have a little dignity, dammit.