November 22nd, 2005


Man Vs. Nature

Spent a goodly chunk of my day demolishing a 120-year old apple tree. It was falling a little more every year, and was going to not only be a potential hazard, but is in the way of where a root cellar will be dug, come spring. So, it was me, Ray, a pick-up truck, a choke-chain, and a chainsaw.

There's nothing quite like the crashing sound of a falling tree. And, added bonus, we got a good half-cord worth of wood (maybe more) ready to be split for next year's woodpile.
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The Reason For The Season Is POWER

Dude, you must see this. Now, I understand this may have been travelling around, but, dammit, it kicks ass.

Apparently, someone REALLY likes Xmas light displays. (article, with a link to the WMV video clip). If the video link doesn't work, try this one. Keep trying 'til you get will need sound, and about 3 minutes of uninterrupted "fuck, I'm IMPRESSED" time.

And, for those that get curious, the song is "Wizards in Winter" by the inimitable Trans-Siberian Orchestra.

Just amazingly cool.