November 30th, 2005


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“Well...*chuckles* that was a lot of fun. Uh, Draven and I were just sort of...attacked by three vicious dogs in our neighbourhood *chuckles* I, uh...I fear for any one of them that would have gotten too close, because, between the two of us, I'm pretty certain we would have taken them apart, but probably might of gotten a bite in the meantime. I've a feeling one of our neighbours is either going to get a nice call from the local constabulary or at least a vicious talking to or dressing down by yours truly, *chuckle*, I'm not dealing with this shit for long, that's for certain. Either way, I'm not going back outside to try and go get them, seeing as the bitches have been standing outside my window watching me, which is a little bit disconcerting, not too bad honestly, but they're pretty good sized dogs. So I'll deal with that tomorrow, more details then.

Hey, I trust your having a better evening than I've been having, Ciao.”

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Kiss My Ass

Avoiding Using Any 'Dog-Gone' Phrase

So, yeah, last night. Since dravengodvamp's riding the bus to and from work, and by the time he gets off he can only make it to downtown before the bus stops running, I go and pick him up from there every night. Last night, we get back to the house, and go to check the mailboxes, when we hear a loud, sharp bark. Now, across from my place, there's a house with a rather large yard, all fenced in, where three large dogs live with their owners. not sure the breeds, never cared enough to check close, but I'm fairly certain one of them is a boxer. Anyway, as we look, we see one of them coming up, taking that braced doggie-stance of barking/warning/unhappy, you dig? Before we know it, all three of the fuckers are there, around us.

Now, note that Doug and I are a couple of large fuckers, probably bigger than anyone around here. We don't scare easily. But these are big dogs, and they meant business. All I had in my hand was a book, and Doug had a backpack...neither an overly effective weapon. Still, the dogs didn't get too close when we started swinging, and worked our way back towards my door. They lunged in a few times, but we kept them back. I'm telling ya, if they'd have gotten close enough, we'd have done some damage; I know I was pretty pissed off, and Doug sounded the same.

Funny side note: We're here, 12:30, outside one bunch of townhouses, less than 30 yards from the apartments across the lot, and this house. The dogs are barking their fools heads off, and we're not quiet, either. I know people are annoying and don't "want to get involved", but I never saw a single light come on or anything. Gee, thanks for the assist, people.

Anyway, we managed to work our way to my door and get inside. Doug went home, and I stared at the dogs for a bit until they looked like they were actually considering jumping at my front window, and shut it all down. As of 2:30 this morning, they were still running wild.

Doug and I talked this morning, considering calling the cops or Animal Control. There are a lot of kids in this place, and a lot of people that could be seriously injured by these mutts. I'm all for pet ownership, I love dogs, but there's no excuse for irresponsible pet ownership, especially large attack dog ownership in a small, child-filled area. As it turns out, Doug called Animal Control, and there were three other complaints last night, as well. I guess they're sending someone out later today...but I notice, this morning, that the dogs are nowhere to be found.

I could care less if you feel you need three big attack dogs for pets. Good for you. Be responsible about it. I'm not even saying they are 100% at fault; hell, the kids around here play/taunt them through the fence sometimes, and that's pretty damn stupid, too. Still, You own the weapon, it's your responsibility to keep it chained and locked up.
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Religious Change

According to Italian media reports on Tuesday, an international theological commission will advise Pope Benedict to eliminate the teaching about limbo from the Catholic catechism. Pope John Paul, before he died, asked a commission to come up with "a more coherent and enlightened way" of describing the fate of innocents, like unbaptised babies.

So, after 2000+ years, Catholicism has decided to change part of their afterlife? Oh, that's just funny. Well, I'm glad to see something religiously affiliated making some change instead of the standard stagnation they are all cursed with. now, just take a little further step, and admit some actual truths, and things might just advance...
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Spent most of my day babysitting Raven. Always fun...and it doesn't matter what I watch, which is a bonus. See, you babysit a 4-year-old, say, you can't watch stuff with bad language or too much skin or lots of gore...but she's just shy of a year -and-a-half, so it's cool. She watched Starchaser: The Legend of Orin and Freddy Vs. Jason with me. Good times.

Speaking of movies, swanwhite brought home House of Wax this evening. now, if you know me at all, you should know I've never had any desire to watch that hunk of shit, but I guess a friend at work let her borrow it for free, so she said Why Not. Having now seen it, I have to say: it's even more pathetic than I expected. The only highlight was seeing Paris Hilton take a rusty pipe through the head, and noting with some satisfaction that, even with an open pipe through her skull, very little was leaking out. So I guess they were going for realism. ;)

Anyway, she's out having coffee and girl-time with delilahbowie for a while, so it's just little ol' me here for now. I'd say 'call me', but she has the phone, too. No worries, cartoons and comics for me!