December 15th, 2005


LJ News

Now, as many times as I've said it, I'm quite sure you all have news on your friends lists, right? So, I'm sure I don't HAVE to tell you the newest news that should make some of you quite happy...but just in case, you might be interested to know that LJ has just made a few changes:
  • Free users have had their userpics doubled. You get 6 instead of 3.
  • Paid users have their storage space upped by a factor of ten, from 100 MB to 1GB.
  • Permanent users also had a storage space upgrade, to an near useless 10GB (I mean, how many pictures do you have, anyway?). Christ, I could run my entire website off of 10 GB (not that it's possible of course, just saying).
In addition, if you buy paid time for someone else, they get the userpic upgrade for that time for free.
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So, I walk into my downstairs bathroom, you know, to do my thing, and I hear this crumpling sound from behind the dryer. I'm starting to wonder if a cat has gotten in my dryer hose, since I know they get under the house sometimes. I get up and look behind my dryer, and, sure enough, the hose is moving and shifting...and then it's pulling down into the floor and tearing. A little more, and I can see a hand..."Hello?" I call. No answer. The hand pauses, though, and then starts again. It pulls and tears until it pulls it clean off of my dryer...and then stops, and the hand doesn't move. I mean, stone still. Kinda creepy, really. I call out again, no answer, and I'm starting to wonder if someone's hurt under the place, I try once more, "can I help you with something?" Finally, some guy answers, says he's reconnecting the dryer lines under the townhouses here. I point out that he's just DISconnected things from my dryer. Long pause and an "oops"...anyway, he's gone to get me a new dryer hose and will reconnect it, so all is right with the world. Still, was weird.

A little warning would have been nice.
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Fuck Yeah, that sounds about right.

I've always been fascinated by people that get bent out of shape about Xmas being called but "Christmas", working themselves into a lather about how the religion is being leeched out of it and that's bad. It's funny how they ignore the whole "freedom of religion" thing, blatantly shoving their own down the throats of everyone else, and even funnier how they have no clue that their holiday isn't Christian, but was just the Church's way of getting the pagans they beat up on to agree to Christian overload-ship. Don't forget that almost all these "holiday traditions" are stolen from the Celts and Romans, and that the birth of the Big JC was NOT in the middle of fucking winter. You know, just sayin'.

"War On Christmas" indeed. About as effective as a "War on Drugs", a "War On Poverty" or a "War On Terrorism". Here's a thought: enjoy the holiday season for what it is supposed to be, a celebration of peace and goodwill, a time of rebirth and renewal. You know, like the old Lowenbrau commercial, "here's to good friends, tonight is kinda special." You do your thing and have your religious ceremony, and let the rest of us do our thing, OK? Is that so fucking hard?

Man, the Bill of Rights should have had a slight disclaimer: freedom of religion should have also specified freedom FROM religion. See? I'm no Scrooge or Grinch, I love this season. What I hate is the people who insist on making it something it's not.