December 21st, 2005


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See, here's my problem.

I'm tired, right? But I know if I go to sleep early in the day I'll be groggy when I wake up and probably have a headache. So, I just deal with it. By the time I finally CAN go to bed, I've hit second wind, and I'm wired for a bit, which makes it even LATER that I get to bed...and then I can't sleep very long, 'cause I gotta get up and get going, and the cycle starts again, since I'm still tired. Not to mention I see less of Dianna that way.

Things will change eventually. I'm doing alright so far. I just needed to get that out.

Glow Skull

Hump Day, Etc.

OK, so, first off, happy solstice. It's now officially winter.

Secondly, congratulations to Elton John and David Furnish. I'm sure the intolerant fundies will come out of the woodwork over the next few days about your marriage, but who gives a shit, anyway? Let the rotten, boring old bastards say what they want, the rest of us will continue having an enjoyable life.

Third, dig it: The LEGO Group is auctioning off an eight-foot-long LEGO Rebel Attack Cruiser. All proceeds will go to Habitat For Humanity's recovery efforts of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita damage. 35,000 pieces, 150 pounds, and is built around a steel armature to hold it up and display it; it was originally done for Star Wars Celebration III, San Diego Comic-Con, LEGOLAND® California and several other national LEGO events* to promote the final episode in the Star Wars saga. Authorized and authenticated by George Lucas (Ed. note: apparently he just hasn't hasn't gotten around to digitally changing it...yet.). Before you get too happy, the auction still has 3 days to go, and is already up to over $31,000 dollars. Still, you gotta see it.