December 28th, 2005

Cry Blood (Hurt)

Fuckin' Christ, I Don't Need This

Yeah, remember reading about that little fiasco I had when I moved into this new place, with my computer not turning on? I went round and round with tech support, and eventually got it working by myself?

Well, we seem to have had a power outage last night, as we woke up to all the clocks flashing. What do I discover when I go to my machine? Same problem as before. Apparently, my machine doesn't take kindly to losing power for any length of time...dunno why, though.

So, here I am with no machine...AGAIN...until I can figure out what the situation is (I'm on zombiedip's machine at the moment). Hopefully, dravengodvamp will be awake soon, since he's much more hardware-oriented than I, and may know what the deal is.

*sigh*...not the way I want to wake up, thanks.
Frank The Bunny (Countdown)


Well, got hold of dravengodvamp, who fucked around with it for a while and tends to agree with the general consensus: the power supply is probably the problem. We'll see what happens after a while, but chances are pretty damn good I'm gonna get him to replace it for me, in the end.

Man, glad to have him to help. I'm almost completely hardware-stupid. I can add/change out memory, install a new hard/CD drive...and that's about it. Past that, I'm a fuckin' babe in the woods. See? I don't actually know everything, I just seem like I do.

In the meantime, I'm without my machine. We all know how well Frank does without his machine. Yeah, not a good day. Luckily, I've got scads of comics to read...of course, that makes me think of the ones on my machine, and I get annoyed again.

Damn, I need booze. This is the perfect day to spend in a drunken stupor.