December 30th, 2005



Well, today I see my new doctor. Here's hoping he's better than my last one, and maybe takes me a little more seriously. Honestly, I'm not looking forward to it. Not that it won't be a good thing, or any real problem, I just am not looking forward to going into everything...AGAIN...with a new doc. Christ, I should just have everything written down and hand it to him when he walks in: "Here, doc, just read it and we'll go from there, I'll be back in 20. Want coffee?"

At least I have a recommendation on this one. When I happened to mention him, up at Dianna's office, her co-worker turned around and said that he had the same doc, and he was satisfied with him. Can't ask for better than that, I suppose.
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OK, so, gotta say, I like the new doc. Still hardly any sense of humour (what, is a doctor's final exam to operate on himself and remove his funny bone or something?), but more relaxed than my last one. Listened to everything I said, and took time with each thing, worked on it, discussed it. I felt like he actually cared, and that was cool.

Let's see here: he's setting up the referral for another cortizone shot for my shoulder. He recommended glucosamine for my knees, says to take it for a month and see if it does any good (whether it does or not will also narrow down what the actual problem might be, he suggested perhaps tendonitis or bursitis). For my mood thingy, he gave me a 'scrip for buspirone, which he says works like Valium, but is not habit-forming, and doesn't make you want to zombie out, just help even the mood, to be taken as needed.

So, all in all, a very good session. I never felt rushed, and he was easy to talk to. Rock, much rock.