January 4th, 2006


Day Of Things

Lots of little things done at the farm today, including bottling the Pinot Noir...man, did it look (and taste) great! Next week, we'll be ready to bottle the Gewürztraminer, which is lookin' pretty fine, too. Made plans to spend a good chunk of Saturday putting some corrugated metal siding on one of Ray's outbuildings. Not loads of fun, but I will most likely have dravengodvamp's help, which will make it go quick.

The evening brought me some time with one of my new players, Aaron, who made up his character. Yes, divinemissb, you guys shall have a wizard soon...and one other as-yet-unspecified character, as madeofmeat has chosen to join in, as well. This just rocks, as far as I'm concerned.

Took some time tonight to make some new icons for my DeadJournal, </a></b></a>. This used to be 'Notes From Metropolis', when it was just documenting my Kult game, but I've decided to now start documenting the D&D campaign, so I shifted it a little, and made several new icons. Nothing fancy, but the Kult one needed some small animation to give it some punch, and I wanted one for D&D, too, to differentiate...and I had the idea for a better default icon, more "in character", so to speak. Feel free to check them out, if the mood strikes you, and also to read if you like that sort of thing.

Time for beddy-bye now, methinks.

To My Friends In The New York Area

Say...you wouldn't happen to want to go see Diamanda Galas, would ya?

Tue Feb 14
7:30 P.M./10:30 P.M.
New York City, NY
Diamanda's Valentine's Day Massacre
Knitting Factory
74 Leonard St
Tel: 212-219-3132

Tix are only $20...and I'd be beyond eternally grateful if you managed to snag a couple of T-shirts or librettos, or well, damn near anything souvenir-ish. Myself and unrepentant are huge fans, and simply cannot make it to NYC on a Tuesday night.

I guarantee it will be an experience you will NOT forget.

Yet More Proof Of My Geekiness

Dianna got a package in the mail today. Looking at the label, I see the name misspelled as "Dainna". Without thinking, I immediately said, quite audibly, "Dainna? There is no Dana, only ZUUL!"

Only afterwards did I realize I'd said it.
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