January 18th, 2006


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Ugh...was sorta slipping in and out of sleep this morning, and enjoying that kinda-awake-but-not-really-and-staying-in-bed feeling, when I heard someone pounding on my door, hard enough to shake the wall. From the sound of it, they sounded annoyed, like maybe they'd been waiting a long time and I hadn't heard the earlier, polite knocks.

I spring from the bed, grab a pair of handy shorts, and hurry down the stairs, tripping on the way. Yeah, my shoulder feels REALLY fucking good now. Glad I don't bruise easy. Pick myself up, stumble to the door...

No one there. I have a sneaky suspicion that the pounding in question was in a dream, in which case I'm now feeling both pain AND stupidity.
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    The Rasmus - In The Shadow