February 12th, 2006

Worship Chaos

(no subject)

Cookin' pizza. Preparing to teach Erik how to play HeroClix after dinner.

Mom-in-law gave me a watch today. And, when I say "watch", I don't mean some small digital Casio. I mean a freakin' Prague Automatic Movement Silvertone good-god-that-thing-costs-two-to-three-hundred-dollars watch. Sun/moon dial, second dial, 24-hour dial, skeleton dial revealing movement, illuminated hands, black face with script numbers. Apparently, she got an INCREDIBLE deal on it, thinking it was a woman's watch, and it's not...and that makes it way too big for her. Her loss is my gain, huh?

I'm sore, still...but I gotta shovel gravel this week. *sigh* I don't suppose anyone wants to come help, huh? I wouldn't, either.
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    Mash-Up - The Doors vs. Sesame Street vs. the Macarena - Macamuppet

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