February 21st, 2006

Glow Skull

Faces of Meth

Portland is in Multnomah county (Oregon), and meth is a big issue around here. Seems the sheriff's office has made a new little campaign against it, called "Faces of Meth." It consists of mugshots of people, both early on and later (and, in a lot of cases, not all that much later!), and the results are staggering.

The official website can be found here, and you can download pix for educational purposes, etc., but for a quick peek, check here. Note that this second link may contain NSFW advertisements, so, just warning ya.

How sad is it that I had to go to a Russian site to find out about this, when Portland is about 5 miles south of me?
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Supreme Court Allows Church's Hallucinogenic Tea - I gotta say, I'm impressed by this ruling. Could this be the beginning of a new era?

Iran officially allows Queen album to be sold - Iran? Allowing pop music to be sold? Especially one whose front-man was very gay, a serious no-no in Islamic Iran?

The Patriot Guard Rollers, a band of motorcyclists, rolls around the country from one soldier's funeral to another, cheering respectfully to overshadow jeers from church protesters. - These guys have made it their duty to go to military funerals, making sure that protests by Fred Phelps and his bunch of loony assholes are drowned out and not seen. Amen, brothers!

And, finally, in "christ, you're an idiot" news...

Man beats his room-mate to death with a sledgehammer and a claw hammer because there was no toilet paper in their home. The guy was so mangled they needed fingerprints to ID him.