February 25th, 2006


K-Fed Is A Waste Of Space

So, thanks to ibdreamy, I was subjected to Kevin Federline's new "song", Popozao. However, it led me to a wonderfully funny moment.

First, bop over to this link to see him on some music show thingy, playing his track. Now, frankly, that's funny enough, seeing him bop over this huge mixing board like he knows what he's doing, all while hearing this 'song", which is just pathetic and boring. Now, once you've suffered through it, here's the payoff: go watch this click from G4 TV, where one of the hosts makes a crack that it sounded like something that anyone could make in 10 minutes with GarageBand...and then goes on to prove it.

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Out of a clear blue sky, a deadly terrorist attack in New York City brought grief and outrage. Initially, the country rallied in a wave of patriotism and vowed revenge on the perpetrators. But critics said that the government was using the terrorist threat as an excuse to curtail civil liberties. They warned that aggressive action against the terrorists would only provoke more violence and was harming America's reputation in Europe. And some charged that the president was just a puppet and the decisions were really being made by a handful of government officials who lied and twisted intelligence reports to carry out their repressive agenda. Supporters of the government policy countered that these critics were aiding and abetting the enemy while posing as champions of free speech. Strong measures were needed to crush a dangerous enemy, not naïve and craven appeasement.

The year was 1920.

Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

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