February 27th, 2006

Worship Chaos

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Back from zombiedip's doctor. She's been having continuous headaches for three weeks now, so we had to see what was what. in the end, they decided it was probably related to her back problems, but were also migraines (not sure I buy that, but whatever), so they gave her another drug to try. I've lost count of how many that is, now.

*sigh* I need a vacation. I have a feeling once dravengodvamp is good and settled in Seattle (yes, for those that haven't heard, he's moving away...again), I'm going to happily take him up on the offer to bus me up there for a three-day weekend, just so he can tattoo on me the whole time. That's exactly what I need, three days away, having needles and ink shoved into my skin at high speed.

And booze.