March 1st, 2006


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Thought I was gonna have to schlep cinder blocks today, but that fell through. Instead, I spent a couple hours trimming an apple tree. In the midst of it, my ladder broke, causing me to fall. Scraped my side on the old metal ladder, and caught my crotch on a branch (just a hair to the left and I'd have hit the boys!). Needless to say, that hurt. Got the tree done, though. Walked half a mile to a computer shop and back (which didn't have what I wanted), and shovelled compost over the garden...add in the hike down to the shop and back and it's been a full working day, lad.

Need a shower. Oh, very nice side note, we start the new batch of wine on Friday. This time, my fave: port! I'm counting the days...

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