March 8th, 2006

Frank The Bunny (Countdown)

Morning Stress

So, after one of those nights where I just didn't feel like going to sleep, I finally went to bed around 12:30 (and read for a while). WOke up to zombiedip's alarm going off, and told her about the banana bread that chaosreality's lady brought over last night. Went back to bed, woke up at 7:15, and rolled back over and dreamed until 10am. Woke with a start, not meaning to sleep so late, and tried to get my head together.

While my machine was doing some work, I logged onto Di's machine to check my mail, etc. For some reason, the machine told me it had limited connectivity, which it shouldn't. Connection couldn't be repaired, so I logged into the router to see if anything was odd...and found someone on my wireless network! Mother fucker...could have sworn I had that access restricted. Well, needless to say, it is NOW, for sure, and "Don" (as it told me his computer's name was) can just go fuck himself.

This led to a bunch of bullshit back and forth, trying to get the machines back on the network properly; the LAN IP that was normally assigned to Di had been appropriated by this asshole, and I had to reset all of that, but I didn't realize all this until I had gotten everything "fixed", and we all know how I handle computer problems. Cripes, one of these days, I'm going to have a coronary and die...all because I have some computer issue.

Meanwhile, watching the commentaries for Dawn of the Dead and Dagon and reading a big "Ripley's Believe It Or Not!" book I got recently. Gotta stay occupied.
Archmage Chaos

Yeah? You Tell Me.

Someone, who shall remain nameless, bet me I wouldn't do this. Probably so I would...but I don't mind, I'm curious to their response.


Consider: I'm locked in your house for 24 hours and I have to do whatever you want. What would you do with me?

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