March 10th, 2006

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Friday Pix

As I sit here and wait for UPS (who claims they tried to deliver yesterday, but I don't believe them), I figured I might as well entertain you.

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UPS Update

So, like I said, I was waiting on a package yesterday. I was only out of the house for a hair over an hour in the morning for my doc appointment, and when I got back, no note on the door about missing them. Good, I thought, and waited, and waited, and checked the tracking number to find that they claim I was not there to sign for the package. OK, I thought, must have just missed them, and for whatever reason, they didn't leave a note.

So, today, sitting here waiting. No way they can come to my door without my knowing, as I've got my front window blinds wide open. Nothing, nothing, nothing...check the tracking, nothing, check it again, note that I wasn't there to sign for it. The fuck?!? Bastards did NOT come to my door. Check address, it's right, call UPS. They get my info, check on thing, say someone will call me back within an hour with answers. An hour and a half later, someone calls, saying that the driver says that the roadwork out here prevented him from getting to the address.

Now, first off, I'm on that road every day, and yes, sometimes it's not the best road, but it's by no means blocked off. Hell, after this call, I went out and looked, and it's clearer than I've seen it in months; I could get a semi down here, for fuck's sakes. Anyway, chick said she'd get hold of the driver, make him make another attempt today, somewhere around 12:30 or 1 or so. I even let them know that if he was too chickenshit to drive on anything less than perfect asphalt (not what I actually said, just implied), that he could call this same number, pull into the parking lot right there before the roadwork, and I'd walk down and carry the fucking package. They were fine with that, too, and off the phone I went.

Let the record show that I still haven't seen or heard from UPS. This is their fucking job, man, and they do it countless times a day; why do they have to get stupid and fuck around with MY package? For the curious, the package in question is whiny_general's new computer, so, yeah, it's kinda important.
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UPS Update

Just talked to the driver. He'll be here between 3:30 and 4, and will leave it on the doorstep if I'm not here...which I will be.


UPDATE II: Got it. Finally.