March 13th, 2006


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You know those days where you wake up and all you can think is "I'm staying right here", and try as you might, you stay in bed and eventually go "ah, fuck it" and get up anyway? Yep, me today.

Writer Bill Cardoso, who coined the term "gonzo" to describe the journalism of Hunter S Thompson, has died in California at the age of 68. Cardiac arrest following throat cancer.

Z Machine Sets Unexpected Earth Temperature Record - The Z Machine, running at Sandia National Laboratories, created a plasma that reached a temperature in excess of two billion Kelvin, making it the hottest thing ever in the history of the Earth and, for a brief time, hotter than the interiors of stars. The Z Machine experiment purposely creates high temperatures by focusing 20 million amps of electricity into a small region further confined by a magnetic field. Vertical wires give the Z Machine its name. During the unexpected powerful contained explosion, the Z machine released about 80 times the world's entire electrical power usage for a brief fraction of a second.
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High Notes

For several years, now, I've been a member of a group called the "Technology Advisory Board." What this high-falutin' name boils down to is that I periodically get invited to participate in consumer surveys of technologically-oriented stuff. Nothing cool, just questions, but after they are done with any one survey, they draw names out of those that participated for some cash gifts, etc. Personally, I just like giving my opinions as a "business owner" (DarkGod Studios is, after all, owned and run by me). A couple of times, though, I've gotten a few bucks, sure, that's cool.

So, couple days ago, I get mail form them saying that they received a check back, and would I update my address? Now, not long after we moved, I got a check in the mail for $12, and decided it wasn't even worth dealing with, and figured this was regarding that check. Still, I updated my info, and let them know I had done it. I promptly forgot the whole thing.

Today, I check the mail, and get an envelope I don't recognize, hand-addressed to me. Apprehensively, I open it, figuring it to be some bill collector or something. Inside? Check for $100. No complaints, baby.