March 17th, 2006

Rock - Axel

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See, I need to figure out how I can pipe my own music into CoH. I'm sitting here, catching up with the world, about to fire it up for a bit...when this song comes on. I'm bopping along to it, and thinking to myself "Man, it would rock to be beating the ever-lovin' shit out of some Crey soldiers while this was playing." Guess I'll just leave the stereo cranked up while I play.

Yes, in the end, my hero apparently needs an iPod. *smirk*

As an aside, if you've never listened to Tsunami Bomb, well, you're missing out.
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    Tsunami Bomb - Say it if You Mean It

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Man Severs Own Penis, Throws It At Police (Along With Knives) - Now, there's a guy with problems.

Just got back from going out to dinner with some of Di's co-workers. Went to a new-ish Thai place downtown, was pretty good...but, damn, my system just doesn't like the spicy stuff like it used to. There's something cool about being accepted in the conversations, even though the group is me, Di, and two other ladies, both "past their prime" (though still attractive, let me stress), and they are comfortable enough around you to talk about whatever, you dig? I like that.
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