March 28th, 2006


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Ocean's 13 to start filming in July

Now, the first one was, as remakes go, not bad. Personally, give me Sinatra and the Rat Pack any day, but whatever. The Clooney remake was pretty good, I enjoyed watching it. That led The Great Hollywood Sequel Machine to grind out the second, which was pretty much panned. What made them think a third was a good idea?
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Rock'N'Roll Wisdom

There they wait in fear, with swords in feeble hands, with dreams to be a King. First, one should be a man.

Think about it.
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FEC Exempts Blogs

*shamelessly ripped off from seantaclaus, who I figure would be happy this is spread even further*)

For those not aware, the FEC (Federal Election Commission) unanimously voted to leave all political activity on the Internet unregulated, with the only exception being paid political advertisements.

What does this mean? Bloggers may continue to freely air their politically-oriented opinions, no matter what they may be, without fear of any sort of government reprisal.

You may find the article here.

For those who don't want to talk the time to sign up for the free account, I've placed a copy of the text below under a cut.

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This, kids, is a very positive thing.
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Man Accidentally Divorces Wife In His Sleep

According to Islamic law, to have a permanent divorce from your wife, all you have to do is say "I divorce you" 3 times (um, OK, sure). Looks like this guy in New Delhi took some kind of meds to help him sleep, and uttered talaq (the Urdu word for divorce) 3 times in his sleep. His wife got worried, discussed it with friends...and now village elders have ordered him to leave her, as they are divorced. The religious leaders said that before remarrying, the couple would have to be apart for at least 100 days and that the wife would also have to spend a night with another man and then be divorced by him (apparently implying that they'd have to get married).

Problem, of course, is that he had no intention of divorcing her. As far as he's concerned, he's done no such thing...and they are actually being ostracised for not following the leaders' decision.


Well, Hell

CoH is not connecting to the updater...AGAIN. And, as there was just a small patch that went live, it no longer let's me log into the game, saying I have the wrong version. Same problem as before, tracert and pings just deem the updater location as "unreachable." Apparently nothing I can do.

I'm tempted to unhook my machine, tote it over to chaosreality's place, hook it up, and let it connect, get the patch, and come home. But that's a hassle I'm not quite ready to deal with...close, though.