April 4th, 2006

Burn The World

Another Religious Oddity

Yes, you two can become a monk, even if you are married, even if you are female, without the bothersome details of living in a monastery, taking vows, or any other of a monk's requirements.

Yes, these guys offer "full monk status" to anyone who agrees to follow their order's dictates, pray on a regular basis, and pay them $30. You can even get a certificate and wallet card that says so. So much for dedication.


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Body Building Done Wrong

This guy has the fucking hugest biceps I've seen...and the smallest forearms attached imaginable. Like he's worked out those biceps for ten years, and nothing else. Makes his arms look like two big tumours.

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Yes, I Laughed.

Clithero Moving and Storage, conveniently found at clithero.com...I'm not making this up. Completely legit business, with a damn amusing name.

ClitHero, sounds like a feminist superhero!
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