April 8th, 2006


2-Day Recap

Thursday night's game went...OK. As usual, I'm really at a loss for how to improve it, beyond getting rid of one particular player, and since he was the whole reason I managed to get this group together and started, I'm loathe to do that. So, whatever.

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Burn The World

Evolution Scores...Again

One of the bits of ammo that gets used in the Evolution Vs. BullshitCreationism (sorry about that) debate is the lack of transitional fossils, records of creatures that are links between two stages of growth. Apparently, these people are ignoring obvious and long-known examples like Archaeopteryx, but they've made a career of ignorance, so no surprise there.

Anyway, a new fossil found puts another nail in the coffin of the argument against evolution. A 9-foot creature with the scales, teeth and gills of a fish but also a big, curved rib cage that suggests the creature had lungs as well. The ribs interlock, moreover, unlike a fish's, implying they were able to bear its weight—an unnecessary trait in a fish. It had a neck—most unfishlike. And, most surprising of all, its pectoral fins included bones that look like nothing less than a primitive wrist and fingers.

Here ya go, another transitional fossil. Evolution may be "just a theory", as they like to argue...but it's more than you have, and it's being proved right, time and time again.
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