April 18th, 2006



Last week, while at the farm, I helped design a long, permanently installed wine bottle-and-glass rack, to be built by me and Ray this week; when finished, it would fit into the opening between the "window" opening between the kitchen and dining room Sunday, we discovered that Ray had gone ahead, bought lumber, and started work...and, true to form, he'd either misunderstood the plans or just changed them arbitrarily. This wouldn't be so bad, except that I'd planned it so we could install it easily, in situ, so we could confirm everything fit perfectly, instead of building it, and having to install the whole unit at once (where, if a problem was found, we'd have to start all over again). Somehow, I managed to convince him to stop and wait until I was back this week to finish, so that I could run damage control.

So, today, we got down to work. Things didn't start too badly, getting things cut out and sanded down, etc., but eventually we ran into problems. A support was too long, and had to be removed and cut. Then we started to assemble things and discovered that not enough room had been left foe the wine bottles, so we had to remove all three supports and cut new ones. OK, get that together, then discover that the plan we'd had for assembly would not allow us to install it. OK, a little re-planning fixed that...then the major issue came up: the thing was simply too shallow. We wanted it to fit into this opening, but it turns out that this does not leave enough room for the bottles, as they'd end up falling out of the back (the rack isn't deep enough for the center of gravity of the bottles). Boy, that really pissed Ray off, but we managed to salvage a lot of what we'd already done, and only had to go buy two new boards.

Tomorrow, we build anew.
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Smackdown (Anger)

Hostel? No Thanks.

When I first started seeing the trailers for Hostel, I was intrigued. Hey, I'm a big fan of the Saw flicks, this looked similar. However, I never managed to get around to seeing it. Well, a co-worker of swanwhite's happened to buy the DVD for her as a gift (which was awfully sweet of her), so we sat down to see it tonight, geared up for what we expected to be a fun ride.

Boy, was I let down.

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