April 19th, 2006

Worship Chaos

(no subject)


It's come up lately that I may not be coming across as the basically OK guy I like think I am (though, that's sort of a lie, I don't think I'm OK, really...but you dig, right?). So, I need your opinion, especially if you know me in real life and really especially if you've have had any real contact with me in the last chunk o' time (which I realize is a woefully small group).

Do I seem to be annoyed with everything lately? Do I come across like a lot of shit just pisses me off? Do I basically seem unhappy? Keep in mind that what you read here isn't everything...frankly, my posting has been less of late, simply due to having nothing much to say. Just looking over things in here, I could see where that thought might come through, which is why I asked for more than that. I mean beyond my basic dissatisfaction with the world, we all know about that.

I'm completely serious. I'm not looking for kind words, nor am I fishing for compliments or sympathy, I really need to know.