April 28th, 2006

There Is No Banana

Apparently, Bananas = God

Remember Kirk Cameron? From Growing Pains, back in the wacky days of the 80's? Most of you may not be aware that he's become some kind of Christian evangelist these days, got his own obscure show call "The Way of the Master" or something. Hey, why not, right? he's happy, good for him. Gotta say, though, this little video clip form the show makes me wonder if they haven't all gone just one toke over the line, knowhutImean? In it, they explain how the banana ("the atheist's nightmare") is proof that there must be a God who designed it all, because it's just so perfect for humans to eat.

Bananas = God

Yeah, that clinches it, right there...'cause, you know, no human ever ate a pear, or a gazelle, or celery, or whatever. *sigh* When will they learn? Answer: never. Funny, it's usually monkeys you associate with eating bananas, but that would imply we were related to them...