May 18th, 2006

The Mask (Laughing)

LJ Anonymous

You know you're an addict when you are sitting on the john and the volume and velocity of your evacuation makes you briefly consider posting about it in anecdotal fashion, THEN you remind yourself that no one wants to read about your shit, not even anecdotally, THEN you choose to make a post about not posting about it, and you stand around in your morning shower, composing it, reworking it, and rewriting it, so as to make sure it gets the point across that you wanted.

Yeah, you MIGHT be an LJ addict.

(no subject)

FBI Dig Up Hoffa Case

New evidence led the FBI to dig on a Michigan horse farm, about 25km from where Jimmy Hoffa was last known to be. Now, me, I hope they don't find anything. Come on, look at all the jokes/lines/material that will become obsolete if he's found?

My grandfather once sat across the negotiation table from Hoffa.