May 19th, 2006

Bad Guy (Tough Words)

Being The Bad Guy

I hate it, really I do.

I think Ray's a little upset with me. Not angry, just annoyed. Why, you may ask? Well, today, we got out the stakes and string in order to lay out where he wants to dig and build this root cellar. That's all well and good, so I asked what his plan for the entranceway was.

See, me, I like to plan things ahead of time, at least roughly, so I know what the Hell I'm doing, and can adjust as need be. Ray,. he sorta gets an idea in his head and runs with it, not stopping to think out all the details. Needless to say, this is really tough on the ol' noggin of anyone trying to work with him, because if you try to get him to think about it, he just sorta blows it off; that, or he doesn't get what you're trying to say.

So, I ask him what we're doing about it. I could go into a lot of detail about the situation, but you're not there to see and visualize it, and it's a lot of typing and description that just doesn't matter here. Suffice it to say, I pointed out to him that, if he followed what little plan he'd made this far, he was going to have a 40+foot long entranceway (the bank just isn't that steep). He disagreed, so we laid out the hole and I showed him what I was talking about.

Well, ya can't argue with facts, kids. Staring him in the face, he had to accept it. To put it mildly, this bummed him out, because he realized he couldn't have it the way he'd envisioned it; this, of course, was because he hadn't properly planned it. So, now he's all sulky, and I'm stuck here all damn afternoon with nothing to do.

Whee, fucking joy. I haven't wished I had a car so much in years.
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So, much love to my beautiful and wonderful wife who took the opportunity to leave work early, come pick me up, and come on home. Frankly, I was in Hell. Bored, tired, getting grumpy, just no fun.

Add to the smiles, though, I got a package in the mail today. Inside, I found my TCR hoodie that I had pre-ordered a while back. Fits great, looks great...Hell, I'm wearing it now. Much love to annathema667, for the hoodie and the cool note she ya, TC!