May 25th, 2006


(no subject)

Doncha hate it when you wake up and your mood is off, because of some dream you can't quite recall? Not bad, just "off".

I seem to recall bits and pieces, just now. I remember walking up to someone's house, and there were darts stuck in the rook and eaves, lots of them, and we helped an old man get them down by use of a very strange ladder. he seemed convinced that we'd done it, at first, but relented later. I recall the first ladder used was more like scaffolding, and it was partially in and partially out of the house/barn I was working on. more happened which eludes me, but I remember getting out of a truck/camper kind of thing, which I was driving through a field towards a fence. Some friend was in the passenger seat, and some lady was walking beside us. I got out and went over towards a small gate, where there were some large orange flowers. For some reason, I grabbed at one, only to find it was sticky, syrupy. She said it was blackberries, and not to mess with them. I opened a small walking gate, but they told me I had to open a larger one, because of the truck and the horses. When I opened the larger gate, the lady mentioned she was to get the bigger corn, to feed the horses, and started pouring what looked like river rocks into a long trench. Following her like a pack of puppies was a passel of horses, no bigger than housecats, all fuzzy and adorable. They were picking up chunks of this "corn" and running off with it to eat, though at least one of them was playing with me, and another had his head turned way around, and looked to have a wound on his neck. He was making horrendous sounds, but she didn't seem to care.

Then I woke up. Sheesh.