May 27th, 2006



So, Dianna has had this car on a lease for 5 years. The lease is finally coming up, so we decided today was a good day to go looking at what was out there, and figure out what could be done, etc. I could go into a lot of detail, but the long and short of it is that we made out like bandits. As of Tuesday, we're the owners of a dark grey '05 Scion, with only 8500 miles on it. Got a great deal from The Man, even gave us our second choice (an '04 Impala) as a loaner until Tuesday.

Man, doing this kind of thing makes ya feel like a grown-up. Bah, that's no fun. But it's cool to have the new(-ish) car...and DAMN does it get good gas mileage.

Random Notes

RIP Alex Toth 1928-2006 -- Ever watched the old Space ghost? Jonny Quest? Superfriends? You saw his work. Damn.


Scientists conclude: the egg came before the chicken. Problem solved.


Only interesting to CoH players: you may have heard recently about someone spawning the Kronos Titan in the middle of a Hami raid. Frankly, that's just the funniest damn thing I've heard in a while. Turns out they made a video of it. To quote Larry The Cable Guy, that's funny, right there.
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Burn The World

From The "Someone Needs To Be Shot" Department...

Crayola Multicultural Washable Markers
"Multicultural markers help children learn about self, family, and community. Feature eight skin-tone colors including Tan, Beige, Tawny, Gold, Beige, Bronze, Terra Cotta, Mahogany and Sienna."
1. I fail to see how a set of markers in eight earth-tones is really going to teach kids about "self, family, and community." Wanna show them that there are different skin tones? Look around. Unless you are in some uber-religious private school which has the right to be obnoxiously racist, you'll see it just fine.

2. I love how, in the end, they still have nothing to do with culture. It's still just the same shades of brown they have in most 64 packs of crayons. Left out the more yellowish and reddish tones, though. So it's still not THAT multi-cultural...but the PC crowd probably loves it.

3. You said "beige" twice. Learn to proofread. Ass.
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