May 29th, 2006


Sunday Follies

Picked up Erik as usual, and since he doesn't have school today, he had a friend come with him to stay over. Went out to the farm, again like normal, did the family and food thing. Came home, the boys goofed off, I played a some CoH (the most dead that I've ever seen the server, freakin' weird) and hooked up with caliban there...and somewhere in there, got a phone call.

Di's mom calls, a little shaken. Ray had some sort of seizure. Sounded like she was really just calming down for a second before taking him to the hospital. She called later from the hospital, telling us that he'd had another seizure in the car, lasted about five minutes, couldn't breathe. Finally called one more time, later, with the initial news: it appears that Ray has a brain tumour. They said it's benign, slow-growing, and he's probably had it for the last ten years or so. Looks operable, and they really aren't overly worried, but there you have it.

Anyway, Dianna's gonna drop by the hospital later on, when dropping off Erik's friend. They kept him overnight to run tests. Sheesh.
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Brain Tumour Update

OK, so, after the MRI, they can tell that the damn thing is the size of a fucking softball. Yeah, not groovy. Anyway, Ray's home now, and in the coming months they'll talk to the various doctor's, see if they think he'd survive the removal, and if so, have him give some blood in anticipation of what he'd lose in the operation, which would be sometime in August.

So, we'll see. He's in good spirits, and feeling OK, so that's good.
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Thoughts Before Bed

Long day of doing nothing of substance, i.e. laundry and lots of CoH. Hey, it was a holiday, what better way to spend it than doing the same thing I usually do, huh? It's me and my boring life, which I'm not really complaining about, since it could easily be a stress-filled life. Nice to not be that way. All this is sorta funny, though, since there's been a bit of a spike of new people adding me lately. Nice to have ya here, just dunno WHY you're here. I'll try not to disappoint.

Saw a chance to get in on another game today...and then discovered that it's just too far away from me to be feasible. Damn. Ah well, they're playing 3rd ed. rules, anyway, which I don't like. Too bad, though, I'd love to get a second group happening. It's just that there appears to be a huge dearth of gamers in my area.

Having an odd mood swing, one of those teetering-on-the-edge-of-emotional moments that I hate. Just go all the way and let me get past it, brain, whattya say? I'll make it up to ya, I'll drink you into stupidity if that's what you want. Good thing I'm going to bed.

P.S. - Some movies just do weird things to my moods, maybe that was it. Or maybe not. Don't feel like thinking about it too much. Speaking of movies, though, I guess it's about time for me to make another futile attempt to make this happen, so here goes: who'd be interested in a gathering of friends for the express purpose of watching (and MST3K-ing) bad films while drinking copious amounts of alcohol? I need a "bad movies and booze" night, dammit.