May 30th, 2006

Burn The World

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Studies continue to show that countries with healthy, forward attitudes on sex have lower instances of unwanted pregnancy and STDs. Article goes on to say that parents don't really have to worry quite as much about their children seeing sex and nudity on TV, partly because "straightforward messages on how to prevent STDs and teen pregnancy help offset the impact on teens of sexually explicit ads, movies and other mass media."

What? How shocking! You mean to say that just being open and honest with your children about sex means they AREN'T going to make such a big deal about it and thus not have problems? That making birth control and education freely available and keeping religion out of it actually helps these problems?!?

Yes, America. Fucking learn it. Respect, not fear, is how we truly learn.

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Honestly, when I have a day like this, I don't wanna stop playing my game (made 48 today, not far to 50!), but I'm trying to be good, you know? So, it looks like me, some comics, and this bottle of wine have an appointment on the back porch.
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