June 12th, 2006


The Gods Of Exercise Are Laughing Their Asses Off

So, polarbear calls me last week, and suggests that, since we're both trying to be less in the "fat bastard" category, since we both own bicycles, and since there's a park with a biking/jogging trail between us, we should start riding. I concurred, as it's always more fun and motivating with a friend. So, this morning, we met up and rode. Keep in mind that I really have only been on my bike one other time in the last several months, and that while I do go out and work on the farm twice a week, that's a completely different kind of exercise.

Six. Fucking. Miles. I've probably never gone six miles on a bike in my life, much less all at once. Six miles...I can't even get my head to understand that. I know, I know, to some of you healthy people, that's nothing, you probably do six miles unconsciously while you sleep. but, big-ass fat man that I am, that's a trek, especially when it was going from doing nothing to doing six miles on a bike. Not all flat miles, either; I'm not saying this was mountain biking, or even very steep, but, again, for me, this was a major undertaking.

In the end? I feel pretty damn good. Sure, a little sore, that's to be expected. But with some cool-down time, that's wearing off, and I feel good. Good enough to do six miles all the time, well, not yet. Thinking we'll start by doing three for a bit, and build up. Still, it's hard to believe I'm saying it, but I feel good. So, twice a week, we'll meet up and ride, and that'll help us both slim down.

For now, though...my apartments have finally opened the pool, and it looks VERY inviting.
Getting Old (Suckage)

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Looks like John Cleese is going to finally retire, and I say, more power to him. He's one of the shining icons of comedy, and he's damn well earned it.

Speaking of retirees, on a sad note, Asia Carrera, who has been retired from adult films for some time now, lost her husband, Don, in a car crash yesterday. He leaves behind his year-old daughter, as well as a son he'll never meet, as Asia's 8 months pregnant. Sounds like it was a really hellacious wreck, too. A very rough time for her.
Smackdown (Anger)

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Would ya believe it? Some bitch just rear-ended our new car.


Luckily, she was very forthright and up front about it all, had all her info (more than I need, really) written out for me before I even asked. Not much damage, honestly, just the rear bumper half-collapsed, a tail-light lens cracked, and a small dent in the rear door which did not affect its operation. No harm to us, airbags didn't even go off (thankfully!). Just really annoying.

On the other hand, I don't have to worry about when the first 'ding' to the new car will be!