June 18th, 2006

Bad Guy (Tough Words)

PETA Needs A Hobby

Now, I couldn't care less about Beyoncé Knowles. I'm not a fan of her music, and have no interest in her personally. but this would definitely be a case I'd stand up and do something for her.

Seems there was some sort of eBay auction dealie, the result of which was the winner having dinner with her in a swank Manhattan restaurant. hey, kinda cool for a fan, right? However, members of PETA decided to take over the auction, made sure they won, and sent a delegation to the dinner to giver her shit about using fur in her recent clothing line and personal wardrobe. Eventually, after not only grilling her but also whipping out a portable DVD player to show footage of animal deaths, they were escorted out despite their claims that they respect her work.

Now, really...what did they think they were going to accomplish? You've wasted her time, taken a fan dream away from fans (and made sure she's gonna be skittish about doing it again), and for what? Does anyone honestly think she's going to respond favourably to something like this? "Wow, I tried to hook up something nice for a fan, instead a bunch of activists assault me...gee, you're right, I'll change my ways RIGHT NOW." This is what really gets me about PETA; they are so adamant about their cause, and so vehement about it all, but they seem to have forgotten the old adage about attracting more flies with honey than vinegar. From the old 'throwing red paint' trick to more recent semi-naked protests, all they really accomplish is that people are aware there are people out there who are violently anti-fur. "Look, dear, there's more of those protest people."

In the end, remember one thing: we may all be animals, but we're still on top of the food chain. Deal with it. Instead of getting so worked up about the "treatment" of animals who are farm-raised in captivity for this express purpose, why not try to do something important, like working on the conditions of HUMANS on this planet. Fuck, man, in this world of war, disease, pollution, and poverty, is the wearing of fur really the most important thing you have to think about?!?
Worship Chaos

Get In My Head

Just thought you'd enjoy this, a rare glimpse into my skull...
Hagbard roared with laughter and slapped Joe on the knee. "Beautiful!" He held up his hand in a distinctive gesture. "What I am doing?" he asked.

"You're giving the peace sign, only with your fingers together," George said, confused.

"That's what comes of being an ignorant Baptist." Joe laughed. "As a son of the True Church, I can tell you, George, that Hagbard is giving a Catholic blessing."

"Indeed?" said Hagbard. "Look at the shadow my hand casts on this book." He held up a book behind his hand, and they saw the head of a horned Devil. "The sun, source of all light and energy, symbol of redemption. And my hand, in the most sacred gesture of benediction. Put them both together, they spell Satan," he sang to an old tune.

"And what the hell does that mean?" Joe demanded. "Evil is only a shadow, a false appearance? The usual mystic mishmosh? Tell that to the survivors of Auschwitz."

"Suppose," Hagbard said, "I told you that good was only a shadow, a false appearance? Several modern philosophers have argued that case rather plausibly and earned themselves a reputation for hard-headed realism. And yet that's just the mirror image of what you call the usual mystic mishmosh."

"Then what is real?" George demanded. "Mary, Queen of the May, or Kali, Mother of Murderers, or Eris, who synthesizes both?"

trip is real," Hagbard said. "The images you encounter along the way are all unreal. If you keep moving, and pass them, you eventually discover that."

"Solipsism. Sophomore solipsism," Joe answered.

"No." Hagbard grinned. "The solipsist thinks the
tripper is real."
-- The "Illuminatus!" Trilogy, by Robert Shea and Robert Anton Wilson